Jan 18

Battling Postpartum Depression

Although postpartum depression is often unexpected in new mothers, there are many warning signs that can help you recognize whether you are suffering from this problem.

Mothers who are battling postpartum depression should not travel the road alone or feel bad about their feelings. There are five important tips to keep in mind if you are a new mother who is realizing you have more than just the baby blues.

  1. Help is available. Finding a women’s reproductive mental health and wellness clinic can get you the answers and solutions you need to get through this severe problem. A professional can diagnose and treat the problem before it gets worse.
  2. Heed the signs. A new baby is overwhelming, but the signs are more serious with postpartum depression. They can include negative feelings toward your baby, complete loss of pleasure, suicidal thoughts, lack of energy and more.
  3. Find a support group. Millions of women battle postpartum depression, so hearing about their stories and how they got through it can be inspirational and effective. Sometimes befriending other mothers can be a helpful tool in getting through the depression.
  4. Get some ‘me’ time. Be sure to find some time to do things for yourself. Take a relaxing bath, exercise or do a little shopping to get away from it all.
  5. Share your feelings. If you feel you’re depressed, share your feelings with a loved one who can help you. Bottling up your feelings of sadness and depression will only make everything much worse.