Jun 03

Choosing natural products vitamins menopause or herbal remedies

medicine-herbal-supplementsA search for “natural menopause products” will return a variety of results. There are vitamins menopause, estrogen cream, progesterone cream, herbs, plant estrogens, advice and more. Choosing the right product for your individual symptoms may require a little investigative work. In this article we look at some of these products and the symptoms that they can alleviate.

A “menopause vitamin” is easy enough to find. Whether or not vitamin supplements will relieve the symptoms of menopause is debatable, but the important calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis, but calcium supplements alone is not enough.

Women should ensure that the vitamins they contain sufficient amounts of vitamin D, C and magnesium for the body to absorb calcium efficiently. Regular exercise also increases the body’s ability to use and store calcium.

There is evidence that estrogen also affects the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Although the health risks of hormone replacement therapy outweigh the benefits, does not seem to increase bone density in women who used it. A natural ( drug menopause ) that contain system components such as estrogen can offer the benefits of hormone replacement therapy without risk. When selecting menopause vitamins or dietary supplements, compare soy or red clover isoflavones or phytoestrogens. It is a plant estrogen that we know more.

There is some evidence that vitamin E may reduce hot flashes and night sweats. Vitamin E supplements should also reduce irritation and dry skin. At least one study has shown that red clover improves the elasticity of the skin and reduce dryness.

Creams containing hormones are not considered to present health risks associated with hormone orally. It can be used to relieve vaginal dryness. We think Tribulus terrestris A botanical called for increased vaginal secretions, hormone production and increase sexual libido. It has been used by athletes and bodybuilders as an alternative to synthetic steroids and said to increase energy and endurance, although research on this topic is mixed.

Recent clinical research shows that it effectively reduces hot flashes of menopause and night sweats in most women. Scientific evaluation has not been able to explain the effectiveness of black cohosh. Does not contain phytoestrogens and has no effect on the cell lines of breast cancer who are oestrogen -sensitive laboratory. It is often considered an alternative for women who , because of the breast or other cancer types , can not take estrogen replacement therapy. Now most often recommended for all women, before moving to the hormone replacement therapy.

Other plants and parts of the plant can significantly reduce mood swings, improve mood, sleep quality and even regulate appetite. Known as 5- hydroxytryptophan or 5 -HTP for short compound is a little harder to find, not sold in most stores vitamins, but many women find it worthwhile. It should not be taken in combination with anti -depressants prescribed because it has a similar effect on the brain.