Feb 19

I Needed My Back Not to Hurt So I Could Keep Working

I get up every workday morning and go out to my truck and drive to places where I erect small carports and sheds made out of aluminum and steel. They are those ones that the corrugated metal panels are available in multiple colors. They go up fast, and they last a very long time. People like them for keeping their vehicles out of the California sun at home. I never had a problem putting them up until one day a sheet of metal siding slipped from my hand. I grabbed at it and then was seeing a San Diego chiropractor. I really wrenched my back while standing on that ladder trying to not let that sheet of metal fall. If it got scratched or dinged up, I would be paying to replace it.

Well, I kept it from falling, but I could not move for a few moments because of the back pain. I walked it off until I could get back on the ladder and get back to work. My back hurt the rest of the day. By evening it was pretty much constant. I took a hot shower and two ibuprofen and went to bed. I was up in the middle of the night with an ache in my lower back that would not go away. I was glad I had the next two days free of any work as I needed to go see my wife’s San Diego chiropractor as soon as they could see me. They were very nice and got me in to see the doctor shortly after I called them.

I have been there with my wife before, but I have always waited in the waiting room. The staff has always been nice to me, and I have met the doctor and we have spoken to each other several times. We knew each other well enough for the doc to say, “What did you do?” I explained how I got hurt, and I was feeling a whole lot better by the time I walked out. Nerve impingement in your back can wreak havoc on more than just your back. I wish I would have went in the same day it happened.