Jul 14

My Aunt Wants to Have Another Baby

That is not very much of a surprise and it is not unusual, but of course there is a limit to how old you can be and safely deliver a child. There are exceptions to the rule, but women usually should not have kids after they reach their mid thirties. At any she was reading stuff on the internet and there was this Pregnancy Approach review she showed all of us. In fact I am not really buying her arguments, because all of the exceptions to the rule are not going to change the rule. She is in her forties now and by the time she had the child she might be forty five I guess. That just seems way too dangerous to me and from all of the things that I have learned there are all sorts of things that could go wrong for both the mother and the child. A baby born to an older mother is liable to have all sorts of issues it would seem.

We have been thinking about how much we can do about this, because at the end of the day people are going to make their own decisions. It is simple enough to find a doctor that is going to do what you want to have done if you have the insurance that will cover it. Of course my insurance covers pregnancy and there is not much of a chance that it would ever happen. We are not going to be able to stop her if that is exactly what she really wants to do and there is nothing. I know that there is not much other people can do if I really wanted to do. At any rate I am not making decisions which are going to place my health at risk.