Dec 25

Try Herbal Treatments for Acne and Scars

Acne and scarring related to skin disorders that result in skin eruptions and inflammation in humans. It usually affects young people during their adolescence or puberty years. But the thing is, now also attacking acne among adults.

One important reason that acne or pimples is increased production of the hormone testosterone and the natural oils in the body during the period of adolescence. There are several genetic and physical factors that also play a role. Several other factors are responsible for bringing on acne is stress, unhealthy habits and psychological disorders.

Acne problems can be easily and effectively treated with the help of natural and herbal. Some of the natural herbal

treatments for acne is important and effective are:

  1. To treat the problem of acne scars, application of fenugreek leaves is very effective. You can even apply a mask made from a paste of fenugreek leaves. Another solution is to boil fenugreek seeds in water and use that after the cold to treat acne.
  2. Acne scars can also be treated effectively by implementing spread honey as a mask or orally.
  3. Olive oil is also an effective herbal medicine for scars and acne. It improves the taste of food as well as improve the appearance of acne scars. You can massage olive oil on the scarred skin. Its application helps in softening the skin’s texture and reduces visibility of acne scars because it has moisturizing qualities.
  4. You can also prepare a mask by mixing 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 tablespoon sour cream, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the acne affected area for 10 minutes and then rinse with clean.
  5. Lavender oil is an effective herbal medicine for acne scars. It is also known as essential oils against acne. Take a cotton ball and used as drops with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Apply on the affected area at least twice a day. It will show effective results.
  6. Make a paste of rose water and sandalwood. Apply this paste as a facial mask directly on the affected area of acne. Leave this paste for an hour and then wash it off with water completely. It is a safe herbal medicine for acne scars.
  7. Tea tree oil is also an effective herbal remedy for wounds and acne problems. It contains terpenes against substance sores and pimples are caused by bacteria. Tea tree oil is obtained from a tree known as Melaleuca alternifoliais found in Australia. Its application is also associated with side effects are very minimum.
  8. Aloe Vera – This is a very effective natural remedy. Herbal remedies for acne scars and other stains healed by aqueous gel of the Aloe Vera plant. This gel is rich in enzymes and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which is very soothing. This is very helpful in cleaning the skin.

Easy is not it ..?

Dec 15

Skin Care to Prevent Skin Cancer

Most people are not able to treat at the time of contracting skin cancer because they came not knowing that they have skin cancer. At certain outgrowths, moles and discoloration of the skin are taken as normal skin problems. When someone confirmed on diseases related to skin cancer, the panic began. However, we remain calm no need to panic about skin cancer because there is a lot of treatments and prevention available.

Skin cancer is a dangerous disease. It is important to get it checked out as soon as you find some symptoms that indicate skin cancer. However, as medical experts always say, “prevention is better than cure. ” You have to focus on the prevention of skin cancer from attacking your skin.

sunscreen prevent skin cancerSkin plays an important role in maintaining you stay healthy. It is the biggest organ in your body, and protect you from potential problems caused by factors such as dehydration, sun exposure, infections, and pollution. However, there are limits to the ability of the skin to provide protection. Various factors can cause irreparable damage. This is how skin cancer can develop.

Anyone can be affected by skin cancer. This does not strike a certain age, race, or skin type. Certain skin types are more prone to skin cancer than others. People with fair skin, light hair and light eye color or a large number of moles or freckles is more vulnerable.
One major cause of skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet radiation, or UV rays. UV rays are invisible, and is produced by the sun and tanning lamps. Most often, skin cancer is the result of overexposure to the sun.

Make sure that you always protect yourself ultra-violet rays from the sun when it is traveling. Apply a good sunscreen with a high SPF/sun protection factor before going in the sun. Repeat 15 to 30 minutes after sun exposure begins. You also have to re-apply sunscreen after vigorous activity that could remove SPF products, such as swimming, wear a towel or excessive sweating and rubbing.

 Do not always spend a lot of time outdoors, especially during the day. Arrange your time in the sun for a morning or afternoon, and avoid midday. Dressed in dark colors and protective clothing. Also wear good quality sunglasses to protect the eyes and surrounding tissue. Select shaded areas for outdoor activities. Always use sunscreen and lip balm. Limit exposure to reflective surfaces such as snow, water, concrete, asphalt and sand. Remember that water activities can increase exposure to UV light reflective.

Most people always assume that tanning beds can be a safe choice. A tanning-bed can be more dangerous than exposing your skin to sunlight. Better is to use a sunless tanning lotion. It is available in different varieties for different skin types. Remember that sunless lotion SPF will not provide protection.

The rule is that the best color for you is that you are born with. Keep checking your body regularly for any moles skin lesions or regulation. See your doctor immediately if you see a normal patch or dark or discolored spots, or bleeding, crusting or change the color, size, or shape of moles.

Dec 07

Know the Symptoms of Breast Cancer and Prevention

breast-cancer-preventionGetting to know symptoms of breast cancer is important to learn so that they can learn about how the treatment and prevention. Does it happen to you or not, you still have to prepare yourself with the knowledge and how to prevent it. Also, you will learn how to effectively check your breasts for signs of cancer. If found early, every woman has a chance of surviving breast cancer.

Breast cancer has a chance to come back in women who have been treated for cancer. However, a high percentage of women who did not have a breast cancer recurrence has been found to have high levels of carotenoids present in their blood. With this, it would be wise if you consume vegetables with high carotenoid content during and after your breast cancer treatment.
Breast cancer is the type that strikes you in the chest. Some people think that only women get this, but it’s not true, men can also be affected. What people should focus on is how to end the disease, begins by detecting in good time – before it spreads throughout the body and cause more damage

Breast cancer is a major killer of women in the world at large. The true cause of breast cancer is unknown but age, body size, level of alcohol content and fat content in the body known fellow of breast cancer. Therefore, keep the of overweight, reducing alcohol consumption, exercise a lot and avoiding fatty foods for protection and prevention of breast cancer. Some women exercise to prevent breast cancer as if they are exempt from having this disease. You should begin to pay attention to advice and tips on how to prevent, cope with and treat breast cancer as there is no actual release of the disease. Although there is no precise conclusion has been reached, still believe that the reduction in alcohol consumption and fat and not involve in unnecessary hormone therapy can prevent the development of breast cancer.

Breast size does not increase or decrease your chance of having breast cancer. Rumors that women with large breasts are more prone to breast cancer cannot be wrong. Breast size you have absolutely nothing to do with the possibility of having breast cancer. Do not be falling for by rumors.
Self-examination for breast cancer are advised to do a certain period. Abnormalities to check for include lumps or thickening of tissue around the breast, pain and discharge from the nipple. If any are found visiting your doctor and ask him to perform a clinical examination of breast cancer.
Before opting for this mode of radiation treatment for breast cancer, you should be fully informed of the dangers associated with it. Although it may prevent the removal of the affected breast, it owned a danger to the other cells around the treated area.

Many people believe that it is impossible for human beings to infect breast cancer. What they do not know is that no matter how grown human breast is, it still has its own tissue. Tissue malignant cells can grow and reproduce that causes signs of breast cancer. So as a public human, you should also attention to information about the breast cancer disease because you do not want to completely free of it.

Nov 29

Uses Natural Herbal Treatment to Cure Acne and Safe

If you have a problem that interferes with your skin about what herbal therapies for acne are available? It is very annoying and uncomfortable, even for someone with a woman’s skin form. In general, acne is the result of non-healthy habits, too many thoughts, and maturation of certain hormones that naturally arise as to go on the road to puberty. And therefore, it is natural for most of us to find a discourse of the best natural acne treatments.

natural-herbal-treatmentToday, the wide range of  chemical medicines and herbal treatments for acne available in the market. Discussion about natural acne treatments widely outline preferred to take the herbal prescription medication because they have significantly fewer side effects. In addition, the acne drug of chemicals can be very expensive, especially when you need to use the acne medication for about 6 months with the ability to stretch.

There are many herbs that can be done to cure skin diseases. This herb works only after cleaning the impurities in the blood and helps in taking toxins from the human body with a clear dead skin. Two neem trees and gooseberry plants are very popular very good in handling acne. Neem plant has been used for a number of years and there are many drugs that are taken from the neem tree. If someone ingest two to three leaves early in the morning, then you can help reduce acne problems.

There is no substitute for water in the skin in the case of the intervention of a particular problem. It is a fact that a lot of very well-known film actress and supermodel set the color of their skin and living habits to drink some water at regular intervals appropriate. This herbal therapy works great and is celebrated for successfully treating their acne problems without violence. Just take three seeds of garlic every day and your acne problem will sure as shooting cured in a month.

Herbal treatments for acne consists of detoxification, treatment and infiltration in the blood. Burdock root, red clover, milk thistle seed, dandelion and tone of the source is some habitation acne discussions.

Burdock root can be purchased at your local herb shop, which provided the fresh raw vegetables, even in salads. Red clover is often taken in hot water like tea leaves. To create a harder heart and kidney cleanse, tone of dandelion root is taken.

Milk thistle is available in a color change or ore. Seeds can be disassembled with food grain and coloring can take, such as medicines.

Most herbal therapies for acne are also available as oils and ointments that are scratched to the point of the affected skin. Tea tree oil, aloe vera gelatin and Calendula are examples of such herbal acne treatment. Tea tree oil has natural antioxidants that assist the dimensions distress and disease trim back acne therapy.

In conclusion, acne is a problem with adult women face each other and the world around the world. Equipment failures acne can be a distressing precondition for intervention, because it always comes back, if you cannot treat the root of the cause.

Nov 22

Reverse Osmosis Purified Water Great For Family’s Health

A Still Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis system is the first step to cleaner and healthier drinking water for your home or business. And in today’s world it is also important to think Green! A “SOFTEC” Saltless Water Softener, the world’s most eco-friendly scale prevention system will reduce the amount of plastic containers going into our landfills and our softeners reduce the amount of soap – therefore creating less waste and pollution. A water management process will save you money on soaps and other cleaning products. You will save on repairs to your plumbing, appliances and hot water tanks as well as energy to run your appliances.

Reverse osmosis water systems provide the purest water for drinking and cooking. You can even add a carbon filter to remove chlorine throughout the entire household to help promote a healthier lifestyle. Part of the process of providing cleaner drinking water also involves sulfur/iron removal, chlorine removal and sediment filters. If bacteria is an issue then ultra-violet disinfection is a great decision.

Reverse osmosis cleansing can be the solution to such issues as hard water, iron, sulfur, methane, tannins, bacteria and chlorine problems. Still Water Treatment Systems is ready to provide you with the ultimate reverse osmosis distillation system – visit us at  to learn how we can help.

Nov 15

Drink Herbal Tea For Diabetes Patients

drink-herbal-tea-for-diabetes-controlWhen the day started in the morning, a cup of tea can be a defense against one of the life-threatening diabetes. This is good news especially for diabetics who are fans of the tea. Many research results support the positive effect of certain varieties of tea to diabetic patients. If you are a diabetic who want to control diabetes by drinking tea, examples black tea, green tea or herbal tea. And herbal tea is tea varieties that should be seen on the shelves of your kitchen.

Green tea and diabetes
The positive effects of green tea on a person’s health has been much discussed lately. Goodness of green tea can benefit diabetes as well. EGCG is a major component in green tea. which can help prevent diabetes and reduce the effects of diabetes on the body. ECGC helps diabetics to break down glucose, which ultimately lowers blood glucose levels in the body. Catechins in green tea are known to balance the levels of insulin in the body.

Black Tea and Diabetes
Early natural way to combat diabetes. The content aflavins and arubigins found in black tea mimic the action of insulin and helps the body to a secret sugar into energy. Drinking black tea regularly may benefit diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels. It is also a good idea to make an infusion of black tea will add spices such as bay leaves, cinnamon and cloves which help the body use insulin more effectively.

Chamomile Tea and Diabetes
Forming herb chamomile flowers, when impregnated with water to make a soothing tea is known to reduce the symptoms of diabetes. Drinking chamomile tea can prevent blurred vision, kidney damage, muscle anomalies and other complications related to diabetes.

 Although said to be true that drinking tea can help prevent and treat diabetes, but must bear in mind the fact that tea can not fully alleviate diabetes. Using tea in addition to prescription your doctor can treat the symptoms of diabetes are the most effective. The quality of tea used is also a major determinant in how well the tea works for diabetes. However, there are no side effects associated with drinking tea, particularly those mentioned in the article are known to improve the overall health of the body. So while you enjoy a cup of tea, the benefits your body with all the goodness in your tea.

Nov 08

How our food habit affect our health

eatfastWe are what We eat. You have certainly seen this expression, which means that the food we eat can have a significant effect on our body. This is so true. Too much junk food will pollute our body with toxins and cholesterol, which leads to all sorts of diseases. This is because we have lost the eating habits of the older generation and instead focuses more on fast food. In this article I provide information about healthy cooking and food we have neglected.

It is very common for people to believe that only significant even when physical exercises you on that unjustly eat. In fact, it’s a really bad idea. It is important to have a balanced diet and provide your body all the nutrients it needs to function properly. For example, it is important that you keep your intake of salt and sugar to prevent diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It is advisable that you lots of fruits and vegetables eat instead of products of animal origin.

There is a large assortment of plants that you can use to provide a variety to your diet. It is best to choose them fresh or better yet buy organic vegetables, because they have no chemical compounds. Consumption of these types of foods will ensure that your body gets all the nutrients needed to function properly. In addition, there are also some plants that are really good for your health. We have, for example, grains such as oats, which can have a positive effect on human health. Those who can understand this article on the French alternatives (stuffed mushroom) for more information about healthy food and healthy living read this.

These plant products to eat and reduce your consumption of meat can be really useful to improve your health. Plants can bring you all of the necessary protein and fat and you don’t have to take a product of animal origin. In this way you will be in a better health and your cholesterol level will in the normal range.

Most of the diseases that today were caused by our bad eating habits. The industry of fast food, highly processed foods and foods of intensive farming are the reason for this rise in diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Changing our diet should have a beneficial effect on our health.

Oct 30

Differentiating Female and Male Food Nutrition Needs

Family sharing meal

Food Nutrition – With different body condition, of course, the nutritional needs of men and women are not the same. It is important to know these differences so that it can meet the nutrition needs of themselves and a partner. Here are some differences in the nutrition needs of men and women.

  • Calcium
    Women are more susceptible to osteoporosis than men. “Working women need to consume 1500 g of calcium per day and exercising regularly,” says nutritionist, Payal Shroff.
    Meanwhile, only needs the nutrition 800 g of calcium per day. Because if most of the calcium, which can cause prostate cancer.
    Rizwana Biviji, nutritionists, also suggested that the consumption of mushrooms, white sesame seeds, milk and soy milk for cow’s vegetarian. Fish, shrimp, crabs and lobsters can be eaten as a high calcium content.
  • Iron
    Because women menstruate every month, which tend to suffer from anemia. According to Kocchar, a nutritionist, a woman should consume 18 mg of iron per day before menopause. Meanwhile, men need only 8 mg the nutrition of iron per day.
    Iron-containing nutrition foods can be obtained from green vegetables. “If you are unable to meet the needs of a number of iron, ask your doctor to prescribe an iron supplement,” he added.
    For non-vegetarians, the intake of iron can be obtained from chicken and lamb. Both have a high iron content.
  • Omega-3
    Nuts and fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids that helps blood circulation and stimulate the immune system. Omega-3 needs can be met by eating salmon, herring or mackerel twice a week. Or, you could also eat a variety of nuts to 100 grams per day.
    “For men, omega-3 could cripple the system in their bodies, so no need to consume nutrition over 70 grams of beans per day,” says Kochhar.
    For vegetarians, Rizwana recommend the consumption of olive oil, nuts and flax-seed.
  • Vitamin D
    Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption, as necessary to prevent osteoporosis.
    Women should consume nutrition at least 50 mg of vitamin D each day. However, the best way to get vitamin D is sunlight. Vitamin D can also be obtained by eating dairy products. “Dairy products, fish and shellfish contain vitamin D is good for you,” said Kochhar.
  • Fibers
    The fiber in the diet is known to prevent breast cancer. Foods rich in fiber may also reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body, reducing the risk of heart disease.
    Fiber also helps women who have diabetes during pregnancy to control blood sugar. Young women are forced to consume 25 grams of fiber per day.
    The consumption of whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruits, salads and breakfast cereals can make full longer, due to high fiber content.
  • Protein
    Women need nutrition more protein and less carbohydrate than men. In pregnant women and infants, the need for protein also increases.
    Soybeans and eggs are rich in protein. It could also be a source of protein in milk and its products, and fish.

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