Feb 15

Treating Scoliosis Surgically

Your doctor has recently given you the news that you have scoliosis, a condition which causes the spine to curve – no wonder you have been having such horrible back pain. Now you are wondering what the treatment options are.

Physical therapy is certainly an option for treating this condition, however, if the curve of your spine is severe – 50 degrees or more – spinal correction surgery may be your only option for relief.

What does surgery involve? What can you expect? Here’s an introduction to some important information.

Why surgery? If your spine has a severe curve of 50 degrees or greater, it will only get worse over time. Having it corrected now will prevent further damage – and further pain.

Is surgery generally successful? Yes, this corrective surgery, spinal fusion, is very successful in stopping the curve of the spine from growing.

Will surgery relieve back pain? Yes, it will; but not immediately. Right after surgery, you can expect to experience more pain; however, as you heal, your pain will start to subside and within one year, you can expect to have significantly lower levels of pain.

What does surgery entail? During this surgery, the curved vertebrae that are causing your spine to curve are fused so that they will heal into a single, solid bone.