Mar 08

Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

General knowledge that many people often hear about sweaty palm is that it has closely relation with any heart issue. Is it true? If you are one of those people that have lived for years with your sweaty palm, you must curious mainly about two things, they are “what is the cause of your sweaty palm” and “is there any treatment you can do to stop you palm from sweating?”

Many people around the world experience sweating, whether it is on the palm or on the other part of the body. Sweating is a very normal action done by the system of human’s body. Sweating is our body’s normal way of cooling down. By sweating, skins get moisturized by the component on sweats, so that when the moisture evaporates, heat is taken away from our body. That is why most of us experience sweating during high temperature.

However, excessive sweating is a complete different case from normal sweating. It happens due to the overactive activity in our nerves system. Some of hyperhidrosis happen due to inheritance. The excessive sweat will then be released at areas like the underarm, head, face, feet, or even the genital area. But, do not be worried, there is solution for it.

The treatment for eliminating excessive sweat problem is called Iontophoresis. What is Iontophoresis and how can it help people eliminate their excessive sweat? Find out below.

Iontophoresis is the process of using an iontophoresis machines to cure sweaty palms feet and any other parts of body that sweat a lot. Although you may have not heard about this treatment, Iontophoresis is not new in the medical world. The Iontophoresis machine is a device that sends out electrical current through a water buffer to the pores of your skin.

The reason why this kind of treatment is not popular is because not many medical professional own the machine. So, if there is a patient with problem of hyperhidrosis comes, most doctors will prescribe them antiperspirant or some medicine to consume. The unpopularity of Iontophoresis does not represent the effectiveness of this treatment to cure you the excessive sweat. Instead, it is very contrast. If you are interested in getting this treatment, there are some medical clinics offering the service.  Besides Iontophoresis is proven effective for healing excessive sweat problem, the procedure is also simple. Go check the site and give it a try.