Cristina Pedroche with everything in the air. It opens up the jacket! (and see this)

Cristina Pedroche can boast of many things. And one of them is that, as is well known by its followers, is a woman who always puts on a good face to the bad weather. This is not to deny the negative and only focus on the positive, but prefer to take life from a point of view, proactive.

And on his last visit to The Anthill what showed. At least in what refers to its styling. And is that, if already Cristina is usually a woman daring in their choices when it comes to attending to the program of Pablo Motos (just a few days ago stood there with a pants-transparent), the outfit that she wore yesterday was one of those not soon forgotten.

The outfit of Cristina Pedroche

Among other things because, as is becoming a custom in the last few weeks, it seems that the women of David Muñoz it has caught the taste to go with a suit without anything underneath.

A fashion, going to teach the fastener, which is catching on among many women and that, being as it is Cristina one of the most daring and modern in this sense, is not missing in your wardrobe.

And is that you only need to see your face in the picture that has hung in your account of Instagram moments before the program began to realize the happy and content that is Pedroche with your choice.

It seems, furthermore, that this happiness is shared with their followers, who have not hesitated to leave their opinions more than positive comments. “I love it,” “Me flipa this fashion of going without a shirt and bra”, “Brutal”, “you’re gorgeous and you is great” or “If you can’t be prettier than you, my daughter” these are just some of the many comments that you have generated a publication that builds up as neither more nor less than 50,000 likes. And up and up.